Experimental Finnish Metal

Steel Jungle – Premiere album released by Secret Entertainment!

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Check out how the progressive, minimal and “artisan heavy” spirited music works on stage.



Story of the band

As the result of eight years of training, the premiere album is true. Read the lunatic history of the Steel Jungle.



Radioplay & Interviews

Full Interview on Heavy Rock Rapture.



Review by Aux Portes du Metal


Deep, ironic & tasty review on Rock-in-Spain



Special appearance at Saturday Flight Live.



2 Song highlight on Heavy Rock Rapture.


Furious & dreamy. Review at Lords of Metal



Sharp analyze by german Harte Music


5/5 Steel Jungle REVIEW by Dmitry M. Epstein!



Radioplay statistics

YIP 12
7th Heaven 12
Uncertanity 12
Shy Dragonfly 9
Delutions 9
Funk Revival 9
Light 8
Kakofonia 7
Steel Dildo 6
Wanker 5
Ektoplasma 3

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Dirty, Self-produced &

Hypnotic metal

from early ears.



Fury, revenge and drunken fidelity!

Check out images of the independent

artist in the 2010s – urban, angry,

proud, agonized, in search for love.


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Featured video: Luck Lady show 2012


Promotion and distribution

Finnish label Secret Entertainment takes care Soidinmenot album´s digital delivery and promotes Steel Jungle around the wold. They got a lot more to offer, check out secretentertainment.fi

Perfect ´70 spirit modern metal sound

The famous studio Studio 303 did the suberb recording and mixing on the album. Studio 303 is one of the oldest small studios in Finland, visit them at studio303.fi