Live Show 25.2 @ Nightclub Luck Lady

Album Release party 25.2:

Digging the MALMI
Rock Solid Livemusic

Live show @ Luck Lady, Malmi.

Steel Jungle
The Mole Quartet
Henry Vistbacka

Check out the 2009 Luck Lady video:

Succesfull session in Studio 303 is now over. Album is recorded and produced by Lasse Tervo and Jarno Patala. Now the album is IN THE MIX 🙂

Phenomenal album release party shall be in LuckLady Nightclub in Malmi. Lot´s of other Tribe/Roots/Modern Electro artist too!

The DISTRIBUTION DEAL for our music is already made for fresh PUNK/Electro Label!!


Watch 7th Heaven live:

Fresh demo (rehearsal recording) clip Ektoplasma

Recorded 18.6.2014 at Nosturi

Armenian Rock live:


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